Big Book of Boo Boos

Some days at Doc McStuffins clinic for toys and stuffed animals might be quite crowdy. As you already know from the episodes stories or from the games with Dottie McStuffins and friends you probably lived through some of the busiest days at Doc’s clinic. Toys come and go and sometimes Hallie and other assistants hardly find time to take a little rest. In order to know more about the patients, their diseases and ways to fix them, Dottie entrusted Hallie with keeping a journal where she would write everything about toys that visit Doc’s clinic. Name, the disease, symptoms and a few ways to solve the problem – Hallie has to write everything in her journal. And what a funny name they have invented for it – Big Book of Boo Boos. Now, let us all together review the Big Book of Boo Boos and discuss some of the most memorable Doc McStuffins patients.

`Run for your lives! Snowman first!` – remember what panic was aroused in the episode `Hide and Seek!`? It’s because Donny and Alma, just like did doctor Frankenstein, created a toy monster which they named Charlie. After this, thanks to Dottie’s stethoscope Charlie comes to life. He has three eyes, a few corns and some dangerously looking teeth which scared away all Doc’s friends, except for Hallie and Doc herself. Now, Doc’s friends have to learn that Charlie is not going to hurt anyone, and his teeth, although pretty eerie, can not in fact eat anyone. After all, Doc finds out that Charlie has a torn tentacle. That is when Hallie decides to introduce his name into the Big Book of Boo Boos. They will surely fix Charlie’s tentacle, but will the friends be able to accept that the beauty of the world lies in its diversity?

Let us now turn the page of our Big Book of Boo Boos and see who comes next. And the next on our list is Officer Pete, the police car who keeps Doc’s garden safe. Although you may think that police officers can not get hurt, in the episode `The wrong side of the Law` they actually do. And if that seems impossible to you, I can tell you that officer Pete not only got himself hurt during a high speed pursuit for Ken, but also broke the law. That shamefully compelled Stuffy, his new assistant, to give him a ticket. After a regular check-up, Doc and her friends find out that Pete’s reckless driving was caused by him having a broken windshield. Due to that he couldn’t see properly. Once Hallie introduce Officer Pete’s name in the Big Book of Boo Boos, Doc McStuffins is ready to fix him. Follow our blog to know more about Doc McStuffins episodes.

The Big Book of Boo Boos is indeed a treasure! It not only keeps Doc informed about her patients, but it also let us relive some of the most memorable adventures that occurred at Doc’s clinic. Have fun and dive into the pages of the Big Book of Boo Boos!